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Safetrax automates end-to-end transport operations and infuses advanced child safety at your school. Sign up now to transform your school transportation!

Our Customers

Mobile trip sheets for drivers and admins
E-rostering and auto routing
Auto - billing calculation & advanced reports

Pick-up and Drop confirmations on Mobile
Live Tracking for parents and admins
Driver behaviour monitoring

Vehicle proximity alerts
Attendance to keep track of kids.
Guardian app for nannies and neighbours.

How we do it ?

You will love our feature rich dashboard and tools that help you manage every aspect of operations. We are making your life easy, empowered and in control with Safetrax. Gain super visibility into transport billing and optimize for efficiency. You would not have know how efficient your team can get untill you have used Safetrax. Trust out customer's world for it!

Get detailed view of daily triips, fuel rates, in-time vehicles and much more

Feel assured of where your child is - in every moment of their travel with Safetrax. What more, you will even be alerted on the vehicle approaching pick up, getting delayed and reaching the school and back home. You can even track the bus in real time.

Do you want someone else to pick up your child for you? But worried at work of your child's safety? We have taken care of this too. Our smart guardian app keeps you informed!

Our Andriod and IOS app helps you keep the track of your kid at any moment

Are you a school transportation manager, a parent or a guardian or all of it? Safetrax has everything that you need and more! Reach out to us now

Safetrax is the future of school transportation! And we want you to experience it before anyone else does. Sign up now for early bird offer. premium benefits and much more!